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Integrity on Windfola

Integrity can be found on the Windfola server.
The Face of Integrity
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       Welcome, Friends of Middle-Earth
       Integrity is a company of fun-loving adventurers bound together through friendship, cooperation, and the love of J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. This circle of friends was founded to enhance the Lord of the Rings Online experience by providing a relaxed atmosphere of cameraderie for adult players with integrity. 

     Our journey through the many lands of Eriador it is not a hurried one - for the satisfaction of safely completing the adventure with friends is by far, our greatest reward. 

     We value consideration and friendships above the treasures the game provides. Integrity is a kinship comprised of individuals who respect each other and are willing to help one another, however no member of Integrity is ever required to be online at a specific time or join a specific fellowship. This is, after all, a game and games are played for pleasure.

     Integrity: 1. the quality or condition of being whole or undivided; a completeness
                  2. steadfast adherance to an ethical or moral code

    Kinship: 1. family relationship
               2. a close connection

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      Integrity - a circle of friends who, together, have found kinship and cameraderie in the world of Lord of the Rings Online Shadows of Angmar.

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